March 21, 2019

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About Us
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The Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ) is a non-governmental Organization (NGO) CAFÉ was the idea of the wife of Governor of Anambra State Nigeria registered in 2014 to aid the less privileged in the society for an economic empowerment.

Caring Family Enhancement Initiative (CAFÉ) is a non-governmental organization which is non-tribal, non-ethnic and non-religious, non-political rather its resolve is the provision of humanitarian and charitable services to Ndi-Anambra vice vise Nigerians. The sole aim of the organization is to pursue, promote and propagate the welfare and safety of the citizenry base on principles of equity, justice and fairness in other to foster socio, political and economic development of the country.

CAFÉ which is instituted by her Excellency chief (Mrs) Ebelechukwu Obiano wife of the executive Governor Anambra state has the mandate to care for the less-privileged and reduce women-child vulnerability while maintaining the dignity of physically challenged people in Anambra state. CAFE is a unique and thrilling project with the sole aim to galvanize support and resources for the uplifting of orphans, vulnerable children and physically challenged skilled & non-skilled people also indigent poor rural women in the 177 communities of the state.

To become beacon of sustainable empowerment for women and less-privileged in our state.

To embark on charitable works for the less privileged and reduce the vulnerability of women and children through empowerment in various vocational training and skill acquisition also maintain the dignity of the physically challenged in our state.

CARING FAMILY ENHACEMENT INITIATIVE shall be a voluntary charity, Non-governmental Organization (NGO) for the benefit of Nigerians but with a specific mission and attain their full potential through the achievements of the following objectives:

  • To embark on charitable works for the less privilege children in our society and support existing reputable charity organizations.
  • To reduce the vulnerability of women and youths poverty level to barest minimum.
  • To rehabilitate youths and channel them to better people in the society.
  • To cater for poor, physically challenged and deprived aged women in the society.
  • To provide quality healthcare for our people.
  • To innovate cleanliness services in our society.
  • To promote and improve on the welfare of the most vulnerable and disadvantage groups in the society, disable, destitute, the aged children.
  • To initiate, organize, supervise and assist women and youths in various vocational training and skill acquisition.
  • To reduce the high rate of abandoned babies by creating symposium for pregnant women and giving them adequate attention.
  • To establish orphanage homes, welfare scheme and assist in development of Health centers at the grass root level in the society.